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By Zollant

If you are looking for top 10 Brake pads companies in Suriname

1 Star Brake Service

Address: Verlengde Mahonylaan, Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: +597425006
Plus: RVP2+C3 Paramaribo, Suriname


2 Raj Autoparts & Brake Service

Address: Jfk Hwy 783, Lelydorp, Suriname
Phone: +597366558
Plus: PQ7P+X2 Lelydorp, Suriname
  brake pad suriname



3 One Autoparts Store

Address: Kwattaweg, Paramaribo, Suriname
Tel; +597433967
Plus: RQVV+28 Paramaribo, Suriname

brake pad suriname



4 Woo Auto Parts & Service

Address: QRG3+P89, Hannaslust, Suriname
Phone: +597483183

brake pad suriname



5 Fit Autoparts

Address: Koffiedam, Paramaribo, Suriname
Plus: RR3F+6H Paramaribo, Suriname



6 Auto Style Repair

Address: Verlengde Gemenelandsweg 117, Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: +597497689
Plus: RRG7+W5 Paramaribo, Suriname


brake pad suriname



7 Kyoto Car Service & Parts

Address: Toevluchtweg 49, Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: +597491598
Plus: RQPR+56 Paramaribo, Suriname
brake pad suriname



8 Vishaal’s Trading N.V. (Zuid)

Address: Adjaistraat 8, Wanica, Suriname
Tel; +597367373
Plus: PQJP+GM Lelydorp, Suriname


At the heart of ABRO is our World Headquarters.  Located in South Bend, Indiana, U.S.A., it brings together our dedicated sales managers with logistics experts in order to ensure that the right product mix arrives when and where it is needed. Our sales managers are supported by highly professional accountants, designers and brand protectors. Each member of our dedicated staff works together seamlessly to allow ABRO to compete, and win, against the biggest companies in the world.

Our world headquarters, located in a state of the art building, is 200 miles South of Detroit and 90 miles East of Chicago and is the pulse of our international sales network that services our distributors all over the world.  From our corporate facilities, we manage our entire global network of dedicated ABRO distributors.  Our corporate headquarters is a vibrant operation that is energized daily to handle our customers’ various needs and requirements.



9 Maikel’s Stuurinrichting

Address: Oud Pad Van wanica 33, Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: +5978545414
Plus: RR38+6W Paramaribo, Suriname



10  Tip Top Auto Parts

Address: Kwattaweg # 461, Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: +597435655
Plus: RQVQ+46 Paramaribo, Suriname


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