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Shandong Zollant Auto Brake Disc manufacturing Co., Ltd is an integrated industry and trade company. The company covers an area of more than ten thousand square meters. With an annual output value of 10 million yuan and fixed assets more than 50 million yuan. We provide customization service of all our Air Compressors.

Zollant Brake Drum Co., Ltd is ruling Auto Brake Disc market over two decades. We always strive to serve in best possible way. Fulfilling our commitment is our motive.

Auto Brake Parts brake drum OE quality for Isuzu

Product name:Auto Brake Parts brake drum OE quality for Isuzu,Quality:High Performance,wear resistant,less dust,less noisy,
Package:print logo on plastic bag,Year:2002-2016, 2012-2016,Package:print logo on plastic bag,$3.70 – $14.90/ Piece|2000 Piece/Pieces(Min. Order)

  • Material:HT250, G3000
  • Car Model:for Isuzu
  • Diameter:OEM standard
  • Test:100% balanced
  • Advantage:High Efficiency

OE disc brake drum automobile brake drums rear car parts for Honda

Product name:OE disc brake drum automobile brake drums rear car parts for Honda,Model:CITY Saloon (GM4, GM5, GM6, GM9),Package:print logo on plastic bag,Place of Origin:Shandong, China,heelDiameter:OEM standard,Brand Name:Frontech Premium,$15.00,1 – 999 Pieces
$14.50>=1000 Pieces

  • Model Number:Customizable
  • Certification:R90 ISO9001 TS16949
  • Car Fitment:HONDA
  • Car Model:all car
  • Test:100% balanced

Hot sale OE disc brake drums rear car parts for SUZUKI

Product name:Hot sale OE disc brake drums rear car parts for SUZUKI,Brand Name:Frontech Premium,Package:print logo on plastic bag,Certification:
R90 ISO9001 TS16949,Model:SWIFT III (MZ, EZ),Test:100% balanced,$15.00,1 – 999 Pieces
$14.50>=1000 Pieces

  • Advantage:High Efficiency
  • Sample:Free
  • Diameter:OEM standard
  • Item:Disc brake drum
  • Surface treatment:Normal Coating

auto part brake drum wheel drum for truck or trailer brake system

Brand Name:auto part brake drum wheel drum for truck or trailer brake system,Reference NO.:280317720, BS6019, DDF1776, 24010901691, 0986479738,OE NO.:42510TA0A00, 45566, 54545, 45565, 45644, 54347, 574745,Warranty:30000-50000KMs, 30000-50000KMs,$5.90,2000 – 19999 Pieces
$5.45>=20000 Pieces

  • Car Fitment:HONDA
  • Car Model:All cars
  • Solid or Vented:Vented
  • Normal Surface 2:Fine-turning
  • Weight:OEM standard

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We supply the whole range of brakes parts: brake discs,brake pads, brake drum, brake shoes, brake lining, truck brake pads, shock absorbor, brake sensor, brake repair kits, control arms. brake pads,, feel free for contacting Zollant.

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Everything You Need to Know About Brake Drum

So you want to do brake pads replacement? Or do you want to get into the business of importing brake pads in China? There are tons of things that you should know about these products.

If you own cars or want to invest in the automotive business, you must be aware of the essential role that brake pads play.

It is mandatory to ensure that your brake pads are always in perfect condition. This is the surest way of ensuring that you are safe on the roads.

Read on as we reveal everything that you should know about brake pads, including that information that seems not to matter.

auto brake pads

Brake pads and rotors

Brake pads and brake rotors are usually used together. The brake pads will exert some force on the brake rotors creating the frictional force.

This friction will be responsible for causing the vehicle to stop or even slow down.

So, which one should you replace between brake pads and rotors? This is a question that most car owners tend to ask frequently.


The answer is you should replace the component that is faulty or worn out. If the brake pads are worn out and the rotors are in perfect shape, then you only need to replace the brake pads.

The reverse is true; that is if the brake rotors are in bad shape yet the brake pads seem to be in good condition.

Is it okay to replace brake pads and not rotors? Yes. As we have already stated, you are not compelled to replace both car brake system components. It all depends on the physical conditions of the respective brake pads and discs.


How much do brake pads cost?

The issue of brake pads cost is always elusive. We cannot avoid discussing it regardless of the type of brake pads or the brake pad brands that we are buying.

There is no fixed price for the brake pads. Instead, several factors determine how much you will pay for the brake pads and discs.

One of the key factors is the type of brake pads that you are buying.

By now, you should that there are different types of brake pads in the market. Each type is defined by the brake pad material that has been used.

You can choose ceramic, organic, metallic, and semi-metallic brake pads depending on your car’s needs.

Each of these brake pad materials comes with a different price tag.

Ceramic brake pads rank as the most expensive while organic brake pads are the most affordable.

Another key factor that determines the final cost is the brake pad brands: Where are you buying your brake pads?

Some brake pad brands are expensive while others are quite affordable.

Some of the most brake pad brands in the market include Brembo brake pads, Akebono brake pads, EBC brake pads, Frontech brake pads among others.

Each brand comes with its merits and demerits. So, it will be wise to compare and choose one that will meet your needs at a reasonable price.

Choose the best brake pads 

So, which brake pads should I buy in 2022? This is the question that you may be asking yourself at this point.


As we have already stated, the first thing that you should do when buying brake pads in 2022 is to assess your needs.

What are you buying the brake pads for?

Are you buying the brake pads for personal use on your vehicle? Know the specifications of the vehicle and buy the right brake pads.

For example, if you are having a daily commuting vehicle, then you will go for the semi-metallic brake pads or even organic brake pads.

Do you own a supercar or sports car? Ceramic brake pads should be your priority.


Your choice for the best brake pads in 2021 may also be based on the price. How much are you willing to spend on the brake pads?

Whether you are looking for affordable brake pads in 2021 or you are willing to spend any amount, it will all come down to you.

It is imperative to consider the issue of the best brake pad manufacturers in 2021. Some manufacturers have upped their game when it comes to developing reliable brake pads for all vehicles.

Are you buying brake pads for wholesale? This is another factor that will determine the cost of buying brake pads in China. You may get a good discount when you buy brake pads in large quantities.


How long will the brake pads last?

Different factors play roles in wearing out the brake pads. This means that there is no defined lifespan for the brake pads.

However, you can estimate based on the manufacturer’s specifications as long as they are used as required.

The lifespan will also depend on the brake pad materials that are used. Some materials such as organic have a short lifespan. On the other hand, ceramic materials have a longer lifespan.

Also, how you use the brake pads will determine their lifespan. Proper usage will ensure that they last for long.

Buying from reputable brake pads manufacturers will also ensure you get quality brake pads that will last for many mileage.

brake pad 10

Should I replace all the brake pads?

Probably you are wondering whether it is prudent to replace all the brake pads of your vehicle or you should only replace some.

For uniformity, it will be good to work on all the brake pads of the respective wheel. This can either be the front wheels or rear wheels of the vehicle.

Replacing in pairs will also ensure that they wear out at the same rate. This is because the brake system will be well-balanced.


Is there anything else that you would like to know about brake pads? Let us know and we would be glad to give you the most satisfactory answers.

As a reputable brake pads manufacturer, we are well-versed with these car components. 

Simply contact us and ask any relevant questions. 

And in case you want to buy brake pads in China, we will also help you do it smoothly and successfully.

This includes the cost of brake pads, the type and shipping of brake pads from China, and finding reliable China brake pads manufacturers.

Established in 2007, We are a professional manufacturer of Brake systems, brake pads, shoes, rotors, and drums for passenger cars, light vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles. We are an OEM supplier for many Chinese carmakers and a preferred supplier for overseas customers. Our products are exported to over more than 20 countries. We have our own R & D center. For brake pads, we have a semi-metallic formula, low-metallic formula, and ceramic formula. For brake rotors and drums, we can supply premium drilled and slotted, high carbon rotors and coated brake discs. We have a full range of brake pads, shoes, rotors, and drums, and we can deliver new part numbers rapidly.


brake pad 11

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